My case was referred to Nicholas Torres Esq. by another attorney. When the office staff reached out to me to schedule my first appointment, they were friendly, courteous and helpful. It got to the point that they knew me by my voice. During this process Nick has been incredibly professional, honest and warm. He managed my expectations appropriately and was informative and attentive. Throughout the entire process (which was a long one) he answered every question (sometimes more than once) and addressed all of my concerns. Whenever I called into the office if he was there, he picked up the phone even if he was busy. He was honest when there was information that he didn’t know and explained all possibilities. Nick did an excellent job litigating my case and treated my family and me with great care and respect. I had such a positive experience with Nick that I asked him where I could post a review. He’s a great attorney and if I ever need one in the future (I hope not) I know exactly where to go.

Rachel R.